Tuesday, December 23, 2008

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"Opinion: Why Immersion Shouldn't Be The 'Holy Grail'" Dec 19

"Characteristics of Successful Game Designers" Dec 23


Ian Schreiber said...

Amen to both.

Though I'd add the ability to research to the Characteristics article as one of the things practicing designers do most often.

Well, at least on the video game design side. I confess I don't know if this is as true with non-digital games. But with video games you spend a lot of time researching stuff (for example, if you're writing a pitch for a game based on a certain IP, you have to learn as much about that IP as its greatest fans; if you're making a sequel when you didn't work on the original, you need to become intimately familiar with the original; and if your game contains any narrative or mechanical elements that are based on real life -- or even just someone else's fictional work -- you'd better look that stuff up.)

Alvaro Victor Cavalcanti said...

Hi mr. Pulsipher. I've just finished reading your latest article, "Why Design Games" and alongside with the two articles you've mentioned here they are among the best texts I've read recently. Congratulations and thanks for the lovely information on the subject. I'm myself planning on writing an essay on creativity, and these texts have inspired me in a delightful way.

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