Thursday, April 14, 2016

Traffic stats for online education and training platforms?

I'm currently being recruited by the Coursmos platform.  Unlike most recruiters, this one has a track record in the online "micro-learning" (max 3 minutes per segment) industry. I've decided to try to find some traffic figures (from  Note that these are visits, not unique users. has received an estimated 141,900 visits over the last 30 days. has received an estimated 1,781,500 visits over the last 30 days.
Udemy 20M monthly visits
Lynda 12M

[MOOCs] about 20K has received an estimated 8,144,800 visits over the last 30 days

Coursmos' traffic is the kind that Skillshare and Skillfeed *used to* get. Which is better than most, of course.
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