Sunday, March 21, 2021

"Good old Udemy" (not)

 Good old Udemy.

I was unable to submit tax paperwork because the submission process failed many times over the course of some weeks.

Now that I need a 1098/99 for tax purposes, they haven't sent one, and can I get any help? No. I've written to the instructor team (twice) but cannot get a word from them. Yet the address seems to be good. So my taxes are waiting on Udemy.

Now Udemy is changing their financial arrangements, from 50% to 37% to instructors for sales not driven by instructor coupons. While they say this is the average for instructors, I don't use Udemy's kamikaze marketing, so it's just taking money out of my pocket. "Screw you again, instructor" says Udemy.

Time to look at some of these other education sites, I suppose.

Added later: I wrote to the OLD support address, and got an automated message that amounted to "support is now automated, we don't respond to emails". Too bad the newer address didn't respond. 

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