Monday, March 14, 2016

Yet another learning platform with no advantages to teachers

I got a message from urging me to become a founding instructor (with a deadline of March 15, arrived March 11).  I checked the website briefly, then wrote:

"Hello Jazmin,

First, I have received many offers like this in the past, and most such companies fall flat on their faces.  What makes you different?

Second: "In keeping ULearning’s principles, ULearning will beat the profit sharing amount of anycompetitive online education company.   The base profit sharing percentage equates to Teachers earning fifty percent (50%) of the amount received from a respective Teacher’s course."

I haven't checked lately, but Teachable used to be at 70%. Even Udemy is at 50%, or 97% when an instructor recruits with his own coupon.  So you are not only not beating Udemy, you're behind both Udemy and Teachable. Why would someone like me, on Udemy for years, and with Teachable accessible, bother with ULearning?  You've got to do something significantly better.


Awaiting your answers,

Lew Pulsipher"

No answer as yet.

After sending that I looked at the site a little more.  There’s no search in their class catalog that I can see, and a small number of courses (dozens, perhaps over a hundred).

There was a press release on the site that incorrectly stated that all courses on Udemy were being offered via Udemy discounts at $10 whether instructors agreed or not. Yes, deep discounting happens frequently for most instructors, but many chose to opt out of this kamikaze marketing and are not part of it - in other words, those who are part of this deep discounting have the choice to avoid it. My courses are not offered for $10, or at deep discounts, or through affiliates, because I saw that these constituted a “race to the bottom” of pricing and opted out before I ever published a course.

Unfortunately, then, this new site appears to be relying on untrue or inaccurate statements both about themselves and about competitors, to try to attract instructors. I don’t need that.

Update: 28 March, still no reply to my questions.  I don't know why these people bother when they have no answers to the obvious.

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