Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My situation

I've come into a "Simulation and Game Development" two year degree program founded by Walter Rotenberry et. al. at Wake Tech. This term I have about a hundred students, mostly in "Game Design One", some in "Introduction to SGD". The department head (SGD is part of the programming department, though most of the students aren't likely to become progammers) tells me my students are really different, and maybe that's true, though they don't seem all that different from the CIT students I have at CCCC. They are certainly millennials (average age 20, only a couple more than 30 years old), with all that entails and implies. Several already have bachelors or associates degrees. If we had more labs and more teachers we could have more than 100 students (in fact, we have about 120 in the five Intro classes, but there are only four design classes). The student demand is certainly there, and fortunately we have many game companies in the Triangle, so students actually have good prospects of getting jobs in the industry.

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